This is the home page of the ESL 91 content-based Internet collaboration

We are communicating via e-mail with students in Buffalo, New York and Davie, Florida

Our partners in Buffalo are taking a communication class in English, and they are doing oral projects.

Our partners in Davie are taking a reading/writing course, and they are doing written projects.

We, here in New York, are doing both oral and written projects.

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Subjects We Study in Our Course

We study 10 different subjects in our course, but we each choose one to study in depth, and we write three papers about that subject.

These are some of the subjects we study:

  1. linguistics
  2. computer science
  3. environmental science
  4. math
  5. biology
  6. psychology
  7. sociology
  8. anthropology
  9. nutrition
  10. business

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