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Tuesday, 10 August 2004
Your responses to the interview with Dr. Singer
In your blog entry for today, you will post your responses to EACH of the following questions. In addition, please post your summary of the interview. BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR RESPONSES.

1. What does Dr. Singer believe about global warming?
2. What does Dr. Singer believe about climate change?
3. Does Dr. Singer believe that global warming is a great threat to human beings and to our planet?
4. What specific reasons does Dr. Singer provide to support his views?
5. Based upon your own research, do you agree or disagree with Dr. Singer? Why? Be specific.
6. Write a one paragraph summary describing Dr. Singer's views on global warming.

Posted by kccesl at 8:33 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 August 2004 8:31 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 10:28 AM EDT

Name: Wan

1. Dr. Singer believe about global warming mostly cause by human, through many years of industrial development factory and many other company started to burn fossil fuels, such as coal, and oil to obtain more energy sources for the people. While they burn fuels, it release excess amount of Co2 to the air, with this it change the climate day by day.

2. Dr. Singer believe about climate change was related to the movement of carbon dioxide, it has approves that when the amount of co2 increase at the same time the climate was getting warmer.

3. Dr Singer believe that global warming is a great threat to human being and to our planet because during time, many natural disaster was form and destroyed many human?s creation, while global warming happen, ice will melt flood all over the coast cities and unprotected sun rays will cutting down our food sources and causing Skin and eyes cancer and various diseases.

4. Dr Singer used the past events, he try to proof that the machine using during that time period and now was not 100% reliable, people still have to put more effort into it. And he brought out the relation between CO2 and Climate.

5. Base upon on my research, I agree with Dr Singer because according to the information from the past, every year was getting much warmer, even the oldest day of 1800's was warmer than the 1700's. from this we can tell that the ozone layer was breaking down day by day, if people continue to burn fossil fuels and logging down tress, our world will be die out soon.

6. DR Singer's view on global warming was the major cause of global warming was by human, because of people behavior to the environment, burns fossil fuels, logging down trees. Human was the murder to the environment, because climate and global warming can?t form during certain of time period. And the relationship between Co2 and Climate was proved, they both goes up and down together. And he believes that the future warming will be inconsequential or modest at most.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 11:01 AM EDT

Name: Dr. Kasper


You need to go back over Dr. Singer's comments more carefully. You have misunderstood his views. Dr. Singer believes that climate change and global warming is a natural, not a man-made, phenomenon. In other words, Dr. Singer believes that climate will change all by itself, not as a result of what people do.

Please read the interview again. It is important that you can identify the key comments that show Dr. Singer's viewpoint on the dangers of global warming.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 11:19 AM EDT

Name: Anjelika

1.Dr.Singer believe that global warming don't be come soon. This date impossibly to predict. He personally believe the warming will be much less than current models predict. Much less. And he think it will be barely detectable.

2.Dr.Singer believe that climate change is a natural phenomenon. He talk that climate keeps changing all the time. The fact that climate changes is not in itself a threat, because, obviously, in the past human beings have adapted to all kinds of climate changes.

3.He doesn't believe that global warming is a great threat to human beings and to our planet.


5. I agree with Dr.Singer. I think also what that impossible to predict. Negligible changes can't predetermine on global warming.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 11:24 AM EDT

Name: Dr. Kasper

Basically Good, Angelika! What are Singer's reasons for his views (Question 4)? Also please write a summary--you will need to do this on the reading test on Thursday.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 11:46 AM EDT

Name: Leonardo

1. Dr. Singer believe that global warming in part is because of human activities and could be natural too.

2. Dr. Singer believe that climate change all the time and it is a natural phenomenon. That human activities may be or not the cause of this change, is not verified yet.

3. Dr. Singer believe that global warming is a great threat to human beings and to our planet because of his observations and studies about the climate.

4. Dr. Singer used in his interview past events to support his observation and studies about the climate. He said that if there is a week or a day warmer than the other doesn't mean that a global warming is coming.

5. I'm not agree with Dr. Singer when he said that human activities may be or not the cause for climate changes, i think that they are responsible for climate changes and global warming. But i agree when he said that computer models predict the climate but they are many of them that do not agree with their prediction, that these models can not be trusted.

6. Dr. Singer's views on global warming is that climate change is natural, that people is not responsible for this. That we can not trust in models because they not agree with their predictions and that science is not always right.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 11:53 AM EDT

Name: Dr. Kasper


Your responses are basically correct; however, your response to Question #3 seems to contradict your other responses. Think about that one some more.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 11:57 AM EDT

Name: Oleksandr

1. Dr. Singer doubt that it's would be a global waming. He thinks that the rison why many scientists think that there is could be a global warming because they taking a surface record near cities, where temperature is higher because of people needs. For example needs like heat or cars, which probably also give a heat to the city air.

2. Dr. Singer belive that climate change is natural thing and there is nothing that humans should be afraid. He belive that even if it's going to be a world flooding, soon it will become normal and not flooded again. After increasing of the water level it would become normal climate again. As a result trough the rain all flooded water will get back to the pole.

3. He belived that global warming would be good for humans because he thinks that it's much easier to live in a warm place then a cold place. As example Dr. Singer remindes us about all cold and ice times in past and how did the humans behave themself there.

4. There is primary reason of supporting his wiev. That reason based on the human history and time. Dr. Singer always as evidence gives us examples of what happened in the past in that or another situation.

5. I'm not agree with Dr. Singer. Even thou computer models can be wrong and every each of them has it's different model of global warming, they still all shows that the global warming would be and mostly carbon dioxide is why it is going to happen.

6. The basic weiv of Dr. Singer about global warming is that it's not going do any damage to human's life and to earth at all. He thinks that global warming is a natural process and we going to survive it. From human evolution he show us that long time ago we had similar problems and survived it. Also from from our history he tells that couple centuries before it was high levels of dioxide carbone and it has nothing to do with the changing of the temperature . He thinks that there are probably could be other reasons of global warming, not related to the human industries and the way how humans treat Earth at all.

Tuesday, 10 August 2004 - 12:00 PM EDT

Name: Dr. Kasper

Excellent, Oleksandr! You found points in the passage that were difficult and not obvious. Very good work!!

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