ESL 91
FALL, 2001


Rinea Awad
ESL 91
Fall, 2001

PROJECT TOPIC: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?

Advertising is bringing a product to the attention of potential and current customers. Advertising is typically done with signs, brochures, commercials, direct mailings or e-mail messages and personal contact.

Businesses and consumers are the bases of marketing. The choice of marketing strategies makes for successful products and projects. We must discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology and how those changes have expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers. Sales involves most or many of the following activities, including cultivating prospective buyers in a market segment, conveying the features, advantages and benefits of a product or service and closing the sale.

The most important step in developing effective advertising is that we have to figure out consumer needs and try to satisfy them by selling exactly that product that consumers want to buy. Also the effective advertising must present and include some benefit for the consumer that he or she will receive after buying the goods or services advertised.

The Internet provides a rapid and cheap way to communicate with other people. The Internet helps buyers to express their individual opinions before or after the products come to the market. Many people have changed their traditional shopping behavior from the stores or mail order mode to shopping on the web. That change changes the local business to a global business.

Marketing strategy is divided into four general groups like product, price, promotion and distribution. Every time they can be changed in marketing because all technology is changing and growing up by the years and consumer needs also. Marketing plans must be based upon the goals laid out in the business plan so a thorough review and understanding of the company's business plan is the first step in creating a marketing plan.

The business on the web is called E-commerce. The traditional marketing utilities such as form, place, time and possession are changed enormously by e-commerce. Although every business can take full advantage of e-commerce opportunities, not all business are e-commerce companies. Even if you are not an e-commerce company, your business still can learn good lessons from the Internet. There are a series of e-commerce inspired concepts that can benefit any company. For example many companies have their own web page on the Internet to advertise their products more effectively and it costs them less than other media. On the web sites, marketing doesn't need place utility. We can sell over the Internet and the product will always be available. Time utility brings more customers to the business. We don't have to walk from one store to another to buy the product. ("")

The marketplace was only available within the office hour in the past. Because the Internet businesses are opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the customers can visit the sellers’ web site at any time anywhere. The problems of time differences between different countries are eliminated. People will not worry about the closing time anymore. Conversely the sellers can receive a new order while they are still in bed. The Internet business provides no limit of time frame and place for the customers. ("")

Success in sales depends on being sincere with people. It is vitally important to constantly hone your sales and communications skills, listen to your customers, ask a lot of questions and genuinely listen to the answers before speaking again.


I learned many things from this project. I learned a lot of information in my major, which is business. One was that the advertising on the Internet became the best advertising after the development of computer technology.

As the computer technology develops, the customers will no longer play a passive role during the transactions. Buyers can simply use the Internet to communicate with the sellers in a few minutes. The Internet provides a rapid and cheap way to communicate with the other people. The Internet helps buyers to express their individual opinions before or after the products come to the market. I understand the world is continuously changing, and businesses must satisfy people’s changing needs if they want to survive in the market.

The most interesting for me is that technology is growing up so fast and now we can buy everything that we want on the Internet. I never tried to buy some goods on the Internet before but this is a very inviting and easy way. I know what is the task for e-commerce. The task is persuading the customers.

When shopping online, there are no checkout lines. There are reduced prices. You can shop anywhere in the world, with easy access 24 hours a day and a wide selection to cater to all consumers ("").


The development of technology has affected people’s daily lives. The Internet connects the world together and not only provides unlimited information to the people, but also impacts people’s decisions in economic activities such as marketing strategy, advertising and the marketplace.

Technology has changed and it will change all the time because consumer needs are growing up and people's knowledge and needs are higher and bigger than they were a few hundred years ago or even a few years ago.

We see over the Internet that there are many commercials and each commercial is more interesting. I think that in our future we will have more interesting e-commercials because our technology will be more developed.

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