ESL 91
FALL, 2003


Antons Malins
ESL 91
Fall, 2003

Essay Topic: Imagine that it is the year 2050. Although governments and their citizens were warned about the dangers of the greenhouse effect as early as the 1970's, they did not take the necessary steps to prevent it from worsening. As a result, global warming and ozone depletion continued unchecked. In a well-organized essay, describe what life would be like in 2050 under these conditions. What would be the state of the climate? What would the nations of the world look like? What would be the day-to-day living conditions of the people of the world?

The year 2050.

Today is the year 2050. We are going to die. Soon. Very soon. Humans made mistakes which changed our world. Let me tell you what happened.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, our planetís surface temperature has risen by about 1 degree in the past hundred years. The causes of it were humanís activities. People changed chemical structure of the atmosphere which has led to a global catastrophe. By 2003 the concentration of carbon dioxide had increased nearly 30%, methane had doubled and nitrous oxide had risen about 15%. Millions of cars produced about 900 millions tons of carbon dioxide per year. Rays from the Sun became too dangerous. The ozone layer couldnít resist that huge radiation anymore; it was too weak. From 2003 to 2020 the population of the Earth had increased with dramatic acceleration. Our cities began to sprout up like mushrooms grow after the rain. Thousands of new factories, gas stations and AES (Atomic Electro Stations) were built to improve human civilizationís level. Buildings started a competition with forests. There was not enough space for wild life, so trees were cut down to make room for new cities. We couldnít stop this process.

We started to sink. The polar ice caps have begun to melt; the level of the ocean began to rise. In 2020 humans lost the huge part of the cities, like New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco and others, which were found on the ocean coast. Billions of people have lost their houses. A piece of the land became more valuable than a humanís life. The massive migration surrounded the world. People began to move through the countries to find space to live. Global war swallowed our planet. Chaos, pain, death and hopelessness filled peopleís lives. The strongest countries started to conquer the weaker. Some governments used a nuclear weapon. The end of the human beings was not a joke anymore.

Because of high radiation level people began to become ill. Skin cancer, eye problems were just the start. Later, we got serious problems with pregnancy. Most newborn children began to die after the first few days. There were so many mutations around that people were scared; they couldnít believe that such changes are possible. New kinds of animals were added to the Earthís society. Horrible legions of monsters have started their triumphant march through the world. Nature created something new, something wrong Ė a small organism, bacterium. People gave a name to this creature: G.O., which means ďgame overĒ. G.O. exists in the water and feeds on plankton and kelp, destroying them. Maybe there was a chance to stop deadly bacteria, but people were too busy to notice something new; they were at war. We tried not to die, killing each other. Now it is too late. During the first 3 years after G.O. was born, almost half of the oceanís plankton was destroyed. Death surrounded the ocean; a stamp of inevitability was everywhere. Billions of the seaís residents died. Their bodies covered the Oceanís surface with a dense coat. This wall, made from putrid remains, between water and air upon the sunís influence had become hardened. Water couldnít find the ways to reach the sky through evaporation. The world began to dry. Flora hadnít enough power to resist the drying process anymore. You could no longer find green forests; sand and marsh became a usual picture around the towns.

Now, people are trying to destroy that wall, which prevents water from going to the atmosphere, but it is useless. Itís too late. We have oxygen only for few more years. The Earth is refreshing itself, soon here will begin new circle of life, but there will no place for humans in the future. We are doomed.

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