I would like to get your feedback on the collaborative learning experience in which you participated this semester.
You should answer these questions based ONLY on your in-class experience with Dr. Kasper,
NOT your experience in the Writing Center, L-219.


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  1. Which aspect of the learning experience did you feel helped you the most? In other words, which specific activity or activities do you believe were most helpful in developing your English language and academic skills?

  2. What in particular did you find helpful about this aspect of the learning experience? Please be specific in explaining how and why you believe these specific activities helped you the most?

  3. How do you feel about doing focus discipline research? Do you think that this experience helped to prepare you for the work you will be asked to do in other college courses? Will your focus discipline research be useful to you in your major studies?

  4. Please give me your opinion of the collaborative lesson with Prof. Weiss' class. Do you think that you prepared enough for this lesson? What did you learn from your discussion with Prof. Weiss' students? Do you think the collaborative lesson was a valuable experience for you? Be as specific as you can in your answers to these questions.

  5. Do you think that the amount of group work in our class was:

    Too much
    About right
    Too little

  6. Do you think that working in focus discipline groups in our class was useful? Did you benefit from discussing your focus discipline topics with the other members of your group? Would you have preferred to work alone? How do you think the collaborative learning experience (working with other students in groups) could be improved? What should be changed to make it more beneficial to the students?

  7. How often did you use the course web site at

    Almost Every Day
    Once a Week
    Once a Month
    Almost Never

  8. Which parts of the course web site did you find most helpful? Check ALL that apply.

    Course Materials
    Online Tools
    Learning Resources
    Searching for Information
    The Content-Based Internet Project Student Work
    Practice Tests

  9. The practice tests you took in computer lab were designed as part of a research study to evaluate how different types of hypertexts affect reading comprehension. That is, do hypertexts make it easier, more difficult, or have no affect on reading comprehension?

    You read three different types of hypertexts:

    1. Glosses, where you could move your mouse over a new vocabulary item to get the definition
    2. Controlled Hypertexts, where you were given links to other texts that gave you additional information on various points made in the reading
    3. Free Hypertexts, where you read a main text, and then you had to search the Internet to find additional texts to get more information on the topic

    The following set of questions asks you to give me your feedback/opinions on aspects of the different types of hypertexts you read this semester:

    • Which of the hypertexts (Glosses, Controlled, or Free) did you find easiest to use? Explain WHY you thought this type of hypertext was easy to use.

    • Which of the hypertexts (Glosses, Controlled, or Free) did you find most difficult to use? Explain WHY you thought this type of hypertext was difficult to use.

    • Do you prefer to read a text with GLOSSES? WHY?

    • Did you use the correct answers to check and grade your own answers?

    • Did your grades on the Practice Tests improve as you continued to do more of them?

    • Please make ONE specific suggestion for how these hypertexts may be improved and/or changed.

  10. How confident do you feel about taking the final exams for this course?:

    • The Departmental Reading Test?

      Very Confident
      Somewhat Confident
      Not At All Confident

    • The Writing Portfolio?

      Very Confident
      Somewhat Confident
      Not At All Confident

  11. Please explain your answers to the previous question. Why do you feel as confident (or not) as you do?

  12. Do you feel that creating your own web site helped you to improve your English language skills? Please be sure to explain your answer. Tell how and why you improved if you did.

Please write any additional comments or suggestions in the box below.


Last updated on MAY 10, 2005