I would like to get your feedback on the collaborative learning experience in which you participated this semester.
You should answer these questions based ONLY on your in-class experience with Dr. Kasper,
NOT your experience in the Writing Center, L-219.

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Sex?: Male

  1. Which aspect of the learning experience did you feel helped you the most?

  2. What in particular did you find helpful about this aspect of the learning experience?

  3. You may choose more than one answer to question 3:

    Do you think that posting to the e-mail discussion list CBESL:

    Helped you to develop writing skill
    Made it easier for you to complete the research projects
    Should be continued in future collaborative projects

  4. How do you feel about doing focus discipline research? Do you think that this experience helped to prepare you for the work you will be asked to do in other college courses? Will your focus discipline research be useful to you in your major studies?

  5. Do you think that the amount of group work was:

    Too much
    About right
    Too little

  6. Do you think that working in groups was useful? Did you benefit form discussing your focus discipline topics with the other members of your group? Would you have preferred to work alone?

  7. Did you enjoy preparing the group project? What did you learn from working together with other students to write a large project?

  8. How did your group divide up the work for the project? Please be specific in your answer.

  9. Would you have enjoyed writing a group project together with students at the OTHER COLLEGES involved in the collaboration OR with the students in MY OTHER ESL 91 CLASS here at KCC?

  10. How do you think the collaborative learning experience could be improved? What should be changed to make it more beneficial to the students?

  11. How confident do you feel about taking the final exams for this course?:

    • The Multiple Choice Reading Test (DTLS)?

      Very Confident
      Somewhat Confident
      Not At All Confident

    • The Departmental Reading Test?

      Very Confident
      Somewhat Confident
      Not At All Confident

    • The Writing Portfolio?

      Very Confident
      Somewhat Confident
      Not At All Confident

  12. Please explain your answers to the previous question. Why do you feel as confident (or not) as you do?

Please write any additional comments or suggestions in the box below.