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Reader Response


The Heinz Dilemma


Directions: Consider the situation described in the box below. This situation depicts a moral dilemma.

Imagine that you were faced with the same situation.


What would you do?

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Why would you do it?


Open MS Word and type your response to this dilemma into Word. Be sure to be as specific as you can in your answer and to answer BOTH parts of the dilemma separately. Be sure to save your file to your floppy disk and to print out a copy. Bring your print out to class this afternoon.



Mr. Heinz and the Druggist

Mr Heinz was a poor man whose wife was suffering from a painful and fatal disease. A druggist in their small town was the only source of a treatment, which would cure the disease completely. The cure cost the druggist only $1,000 to produce, but he sold it for $10,000. Mr. Heinz could not afford this, even if he sold all his belongings. He offered the druggist $5000, but the druggist refused to sell him the medicine for less than "fair market value." Should Mr. Heinz steal the medicine?


In a further twist, suppose that Mr. Heinz saw a moneybag drop from a bank's armored car as the car sped away. Inside the bag was more than enough, in untraceable bills, to pay for the medicine. Should Mr. Heinz return the money, or use it to buy medicine?