ESL 91 Grammar Practice

Online Grammar Exercises

Directions: Complete the following exercises in your notebook. Choose the BEST ANSWER for each question. Write the letter that you have chosen in your notebook. Be sure to number your answers from 1-50.
The questions are divided into groups of various grammatical points
When you have finished answering all of the questions, you will find a link to the correct answers. The answers will open in a new window, so that you can check your work easily.


1. Because of its warm tropical climate, Hawaii __________ subzero temperatures.

(A) almost experiences never
(B) experiences never almost
(C) experiences almost never
(D) almost never experiences

2. In flush financial times, ________ on Wall Street may employ as many as 800 stock brokers and managers.

(A) a brokerage typical stock
(B) typically stock, a brokerage
(C) a stock typical brokerage
(D) a typical stock brokerage

3. Even at the peak of its power, the circulating column of air at the core of a tornado ________ in excess of 250 miles per hour.

(A) almost never reaches
(B) reaches almost never
(C) almost reaches never
(D) reaches never almost

4. Among the many unusual creatures of the high Nepalese forests _________ whose genetic ties hearken back to the time of mammoths.

(A) a breed is of unusual elephants
(B) is an unusual breed of elephants
(C) an unusual breed is of elephants
(D) elephants are an unusual breed

5. Not only __________ a strong swimmer but also, as its name suggests, it can walk for miles with little rest.

(A) the booby blue footed is
(B) the blue footed booby is
(C) is the blue footed booby
(D) footed is the booby blue


6. Capable of producing nothing more than __________, Barkley was forced to concede the point to Hume who went on to win the debate.

(A) vacuous truly a point
(B) truly a point vacuous
(C) vacuous a truly point
(D) a truly vacuous point

7. Out of the grave of the European Middle Ages _______ with its new ideas about the place of humanity in the cosmos.

(A) coming the Renaissance
(B) came the Renaissance
(C) the Renaissance came
(D) the Renaissance which came

8. An excellent hairstyler in even the most unsophisticated hair salon can make a man seem to have more hair than _______.

(A) has actually he
(B) he actually has
(C) it actually is
(D) is it actually

9. Only after extreme territorial disputes usually involving females _______ to killing each other.

(A) male chimpanzees resort
(B) do male chimpanzees resort
(C) male chimpanzees resorted
(D) resorting are male chimpanzees

10. _______ constructed with concrete blocking experience the insect problems of termites and silverfish that wooden houses have.

(A) Seldom houses
(B) Houses seldom
(C) Seldom do houses
(D) Houses so seldom


11. Gifted though he was by remarkable natural musical talent, _________ to have had little knack for the necessities of social life at court.

(A) Mozart, who seemed
(B) Mozart seemed
(C) it was Mozart that seeming
(D) Mozart, seeming

12. Long before dogs became domesticated in Western countries, ______ roamed the forests and grasslands of northern Europe and America.

(A) they
(B) which
(C) however
(D) and

13. Able to sing religious arias in Latin by the time she was four, ________ reported to have a repertory of some 10,000 songs.

(A) that Margaret Church is
(B) Margaret Church who
(C) Margaret Church is
(D) Margaret Church is who

14. Mentored as she was by Gertrude Stein, _______ an unusual style of narrative which imitated but did not rival that of her teacher.

(A) was Alice B. Toklas developing
(B) who Alice B. Toklas had developed
(C) whom Alice B. Toklas, developer of
(D) Alice B. Toklas developed

15. _______ currently working in the field of physics can adequately explain the intricacies of string theory to the extent that Stephen Hawking can.

(A) Few scientists
(B) Few are the scientists
(C) The scientists are few
(D) The few scientists


16. Economics __________ is known as an inexact science because it relies heavily on variables and subjective judgements.

(A) is what
(B) it
(C) which
(D) that it

17. Not all currencies that are brokered on the world’s major stock exchanges _______ enough to generate windfall profits for the everyday investor.

(A) valued
(B) to be valuable
(C) of value
(D) are valuable

18. Written mail, which is currently referred to as “snailmail” by frequent computer users, _______ by email and other electronic technologies.

(A) is being slowly transformed
(B) will have been slowly transformed
(C) slowly transforms
(D) was slowly transformed

19. Among American football aficionados, the tackling of the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage _______ known as a “sack.”

(A) is what is
(B) what is
(C) has what
(D) that is

20. Airport x-ray devices _______ designed more carefully in order to detect the more sophisticated forms of explosive materials that are now produced.

(A) must have been
(B) must
(C) must be
(D) must have been being


21. Emma Thompson was nominated for an Academy Award as both a screenwriter __________ an actress in 1996.

(A) also
(B) or
(C) in addition
(D) and

22. With neither a naturally aggressive disposition ________ particularly large size, the mimic octopus survives quite easily because of its natural adaptations.

(A) and a
(B) with its
(C) nor a
(D) or its

23. Above-ground swimming pools have ________ the flexibility of being able to be moved from place to place but also the efficiency of using less water than standard in-ground pools.

(A) that
(B) all
(C) in addition
(D) not only

24. Life in the Sahara has many negative features including aridity and high temperatures but many positive aspects ________.

(A) in addition to
(B) as well
(C) coupled with
(D) plus

25. As a universal language, Esperanto has never really gained widespread acceptance ________ its lack of native speakers.

(A) because
(B) as a result
(C) in order to
(D) due to


26. Disturbances in seabed slope which have occurred over short periods of time have caused scientists to believe __________ more extensive than at first thought.

(A) that tectonic drift is
(B) which tectonic drift
(C) tectonic drifts
(D) tectonic drifting

27. _______ the manatee of south Florida is being pushed to the edge of extinction due to the invasion of its habitat by motorized boats has been shown by marine researchers.

(A) In that
(B) That
(C) Although
(D) Unless

28. Virtually all doctors agree ________ a second diagnosis in the event of a potentially major disease.

(A) that patients should seek
(B) patients should be sought
(C) patients they seek
(D) patients that should seek

29. _______ found in forests can possess deadly toxicity is an element of folk knowledge that has not been passed down to today’s general public.

(A) Those certain mushrooms
(B) That certain mushrooms
(C) Despite it, certain are the mushrooms
(D) Even though certain mushrooms

30. _______ continue to pollute the ocean with all forms of contamination from sewage to solid wastes such as plastic containers remains a mystery to environmentalists.

(A) Although people
(B) People that
(C) Why people
(D) Those people that


31. The Duncan sofa, __________ is highly valued in today's antique furniture market.

(A) a colonial masterpiece,
(B) a colonial masterpiece which
(C) it is a colonial masterpiece that
(D) whose colonial masterpiece

32. Ulysses S. Grant, ________, showed great magnanimity in receiving the surrender of his arch-rival, Robert E. Lee at the end of the Civil War.

(A) that was the supreme commander of Northern forces
(B) who supremely commanding Northern forces
(C)he was the supreme commander of Northern forces
(D) the supreme commander of Northern forces

33. Though renowned for his work with the deaf, Alexander Graham Bell is best remembered for his invention of the telephone, ________.

(A) that it was an invention of ingenuity and impact
(B) it was an invention of ingenuity and impact
(C) an invention of ingenuity and impact
(D) invention ingeniously and impaction

34. Mars, __________, has been a source of human fascination for untold generations of sky gazers.

(A) the fourth planet from the Sun
(B) it is the fourth planet from the Sun
(C) which the fourth planet from the Sun is it
(D) is it the fourth planet from the Sun

35. Of all the saturated vegetable oils, coconut oil, ________, has the greatest concentration of polysaturated oils.

(A) that derived it from the meat of the coconut
(B) it is derived from the meat of the coconut
(C) derived from the meat of the coconut
(D) is derived it from the meat of the coconut


36. With the passing of time and the encroachment of people, the habitat of gorillas __________ to decrease.

(A) continuing
(B) which continue
(C) continues
(D) that it has continued

37. Sugar intake, particularly that of refined sugar, ________ curtailed by most overweight people wishing to lessen their corpulence.

(A) must being
(B) which must
(C) must be
(D) must

38. In recent months, the final mapping of the human genome ________ the range of medical treatments and cures available to those suffering from various diseases.

(A) has extended
(B) extends
(C) will extend
(D) will have extended

39. Intelligent life on other planets, while remaining an intriguing possibility, ________ yet to be discovered.

(A) has
(B) has been
(C) has not
(D) have

40. Despite being basically arboreal in nature, koalas ________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.

(A) knowing
(B) which know
(C) are knowing
(D) are known


41. In __________, the crime rate has begun to drop due to neighborhood

(A) the past few years
(B) a few years ago
(C) few years
(D) a few years since

42. Three responsibilities ________ are to search out, identify, and assess patentable inventions and technologies.

(A) to a patent manager
(B) with a patent manager
(C) on a patent manager
(D) of a patent manager

43. Disappointingly, many software companies have discovered a limited audience for ________ from the couch.

(A) Web surfing
(B) Web to surf
(C) to Web surf
(D) Web surfs

44. Shooting stars, otherwise known as meteorites, often fall to Earth in a pattern dictated ________ and Earth rotation.

(A) to solar winds
(B) by solar winds
(C) on solar winds
(D) which solar winds

45. Ink stains, commonly regarded __________ difficult stains to remove, will not succumb to the usual array of detergents and cleaners found in supermarkets.

(A) as the most
(B) to the most
(C) in the most
(D) through the most


46. __________ was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the photoelectric effect.

(A) That Einstein
(B) It was Einstein
(C) Einstein who
(D) Einstein

47. ________ of Willa Catha present an unadorned picture of life on the prairies of the Midwestern United States during the 19th century.

(A) The stories who
(B) That the novels
(C) The novels which
(D) The novels

48. Unlike the climate of the other islands of Hawaii, ________ Kona contains 54 different temperate zones.

(A) that of
(B) this is
(C) these are
(D) those that

49. With few exceptions, ________ are warm-blooded, have live births, and are suckled with milk from their mother’s body.

(A) which mammals
(B) mammals
(C) mammals that
(D) mammals, they

50. Among all the scientists of the 1930s, ________ was so suited to carry out the Manhattan project as J. Robert Oppenheimer.

(A) no scientists
(B) not who was a scientist
(C) none
(D) a scientist never he

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