When authors publish writing to the Web, many people from around the world are able to read and learn from it.

Today you will be reading one of the essays published on the Web and then responding to that essay.

The purpose of this assignment is twofold--

  1. First to help make you more aware of how readers understand what you have written

  2. Second, to give you the opportunity to learn something new about another focus discipline

    Directions: Read the essay and then respond to the essay by answering the following four questions:

    What is your e-mail address?
    What is your name?

    1. What have you learned about this subject area from reading this essay?

    2. Do you think the essay was well-organized? Explain why or why not.

    3. Did the essay use clear and specific examples?
      List at least 2 examples used by the writer and then Explain why you think s/he used them.

    4. Ask the writer ONE question about his/her essay topic.
      This might be something that you didn't understand or something that you would like to know more about.

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