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Wai Bong

Wai-Bong, Pang
ESL 91
Spring, 2001

Project Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?


In the past, the customers played a passive role in traditional sales and marketing strategies. It was not easy for customers to express their opinions to the sellers before the new products came to the market. The transactions were mostly in a one-way direction for the buyers because the buyers could only buy the goods or services, which the sellers assumed that buyers were willing to buy. Nowadays, computer technology has developed tremendously; the world is connected due to the development of the Internet. The Internet not only shortens the distance between people in different places, but also builds up an interactive relationship between sellers and buyers. Consumers have changed their traditional shopping mode to shop on the web. The marketers have to do some adjustment in their traditional marketing strategies to meet people’s changing. Besides, as technology has continued to develop and home PCs have become more affordable, Web users have grown rapidly around the world everyday. Internet advertising is becoming one of the most effective advertising media. Because as more web users use the Internet, the message for advertising can be spread more easily. To be a successful business, advertising on Internet cannot be ignored.

The Development of the Internet

As the computer technology develops, the customers will no longer play a passive role during the transactions. Buyers can simply use the Internet to communicate with the sellers in a few minutes. The Internet provides a rapid and cheap way to communicate with the other people. The Internet helps buyers to express their individual opinions before or after the products come to the market. Therefore, the buyer will not be forced to buy any product that does not perfectly or closely match his/her wants. (, Apr 1, 2001). For instance, if a person wants to buy a white waterproof rucksack, but the market only provides a blue waterproof backpack, he can still buy the blue backpack even if it does not match what he originally wanted. Furthermore, the Internet helps sellers to minimize their assumption about the customer’s wants before they provide any new product to the market. In addition sellers can provide the latest product news in the cheapest way to the buyers. It saves a lot of time and money to promote a new product or to make a survey. 

Many people have changed their traditional shopping in the stores or mail order mode to shopping on the Web. The business on the web is called E-commerce. The traditional marketing utilities such as form, place, time and possession are changed enormously. Because the traditional marketing strategy is based on a local business, it always only targets a small group of people in the given market. However the Internet changes the local business to a global business. The customers come from all over the world; and their taste may be different from the present customers. Sellers should make any necessary adjustment in their marketing strategies to meet the changing of marketing utilities. For instance, the sizes, colors and delivery time for the product will be different from the existing customers. Moreover, the possession utility in different countries may be varied. The marketers should consider all these factors before they begin their business on the Internet. The marketing should be based on global business and marketing strategies adjusted for the web.

Today, as technology continues to develop, Web users grow by thousands everyday around the world. The Internet will be a new media for advertising. In the past, advertising on TV was very expensive; the marketers could not provide the product details to the buyers. As a result the sales might not be so satisfactory to the sellers. If the marketers were willing to spend a lot of money to promote their products, the cost for advertisement would be reflected in the products and finally shifted to the buyer. The final cost of the product would be much higher than the original cost. Consumers would have to contribute the advertising cost while they bought the products. However, the expenses for advertising on the Internet are much less than other media. For example, compared with the advertising in a newspaper for one day, the cost almost equals the price of having a presence on the web for a year. The cost of advertising is lower but it has the same or even better capability to promote the merchandise.  Besides, if the marketers want to update their products on their web page, they can just simply revise their web page and do not have to make a new web page. The lowered cost can be reflected in the selling prices.

Web design plays an important role for successful advertising on the Internet. What makes an attractive web site? Let me share my past experience browsing a web site, and then you may have some clues about how to make an attractive web site.  I tried to connect to the web site that I wanted but I waited for the connection for over five minutes. The Web site was very difficult to navigate, and after I navigated, there were so many instructions to read that I felt tired after I read a few paragraphs. I found it difficult to locate the information that I wanted, and finally I totally left the web site within ten minutes.

An attractive web page must be easy to access because people are unwilling to wait for the navigation or spend a lot of time downloading some information. Web users will just search for another similar web site.  In addition, an attractive web page should not include too much text; it will make the web users bored. Furthermore, the home page for the web site should provide a clear and simple way for the web users to locate the information. The longer the web user stays on the web site, the greater chance that he/she will buy the products.

On the other hand, the biggest obstacles for people shopping on the Web are the security problem and return policy. When people shop on the web, they just look at the computer and never touch the product. After they receive the goods, they may feel unsatisfactory. If the business does not provide the full return policy, it will discourage people from shopping on the web. In addition, people may be afraid that their credit card information will leak out during shopping on the web. If the marketers can provide a more reliable secure system to the customers, it can eliminate people’s anxiety and attract more people to shop on their web.

The marketplace was only available within the office hour in the past. Because the Internet businesses are opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the customers can visit the sellers’ web site at any time anywhere. The problems of time differences between different countries are eliminated. Any customer can order the goods at 2:00 a.m. or after they finish their work. People will not worry about the closing time anymore. Conversely the sellers can receive a new order while they are still in bed. The Internet business provides no limit of time frame and place for the customers; it makes a local business a global one. Both sellers and buyers can be benefited by this shopping environment. The sales activities among buyers and sellers will expand at an enormous rate. The transaction becomes very frequent and the sales volume for the business increases.

My Personal Response

By doing this project I learned that the Internet not only changes people’s shopping mode, but also provides a better way for people’s communication. The traditional relationships among the people are improved due to developing technology. Both parties have better communication before or after the transactions. It helps the transactions to be more successful and smoother. Both parties are benefited in this new shopping environment. Besides, I figured out the change of people’s shopping mode causes change of marketing strategy and advertising, and an attractive web site is very important for a successful business. I learned how to judge a good web site and how to attract more web users to browsing. This will be a great help for my future business if I have some knowledge on web page design. I understand the world is continuously changing, and business must satisfy people’s changing if they want to survive in the market.


The development of technology has affected people’s daily life. The Internet connects the world together and not only provides unlimited information to the people, but also impacts people’s decision in economic activities such as marketing strategy, advertising and marketplace. Because the web users are growing at a rapid rate and also the Internet is an interactive medium for buyer and seller, the Internet advertising will become the leader of advertising media in the near future. To be a successful business, advertising on the Internet cannot be ignored. The transaction will become more frequent because of the Internet. The marketers should know how to put their business on the web if they want to share a part of the global business.


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Monika Flisak
ESL 91
Spring, 2001

Project Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?


Technological advances in this century have enabled phenomenal progress in many areas of human life and behavior. The best point and the best profit in defining effective technology in development must therefore include understanding of the culture, behavior and life style of consumers. Because consumers are the most important people who can create demand and supply and of course develop technology. That’s why all sales, marketing and advertising are founded in customer’s needs and all these functions have a huge developing for technology. Now when we are in 21st century all marketing and technology is growing very fast because every day we are more educated, modern and progressive and our needs are bigger then a few years ago.

At this day the most popular and phenomenal form of technology is the Internet. Almost all marketing is found and located in the Internet. People like to buy everything on the Internet because it is faster and more comfortable. They can buy goods sitting at home and use only credit cards.

The Internet is also very convenient and economical for big companies and any kind of small firms because they can get a lot of customers from all the world and the price of advertising is very low. They just can have more opportunity to sell their product and at this same time they can grow very fast. 


The Internet is one of the most important inventions and revelations in technology in this century. The Internet will take its place with the books, the radio, the telephone, and of course the television as one of the great communication inventions which change the way we live, work and behave. Every day we can learn something new about the Internet and explore. What was impossible last month is possible for example today, and will be supplanted next month by something better. Almost every month the speed of the Internet is faster; a lot of firms try to modernize and update the new improvements.

By the Internet on the Web site all companies are provide information about their firm, enhance customer service, offer premiums, sell products and record any kind of preferences for customers like for example discounts. The Internet can simplify life not only for companies, but also at this same time for all kinds of customers. This is the best way to sell a lot of products very fast. Any company can ask consumers questions about their product and service. 

The most important point with good selling and profit is advertising. Due to effective advertising, companies can inform the consumers about their products or services. An effective advertisement is essential to a company’s survival in marketing because it raises their capital and reputation. Any kind of advertising should enclose information about a product category, offer, guarantee, service and of course this advertising should be appear encouraging and interesting for consumers. Advertising is a way to “contact” and “speak” to consumers and it is the easiest way to show  a selling product and present them. By advertising we can stimulate consumers motivations and then promise to satisfy them with our product or service. If we have a Web site in the Internet consumers can see and go there to check our offer every day for 24 hours.

The most important step with developing effective advertising is that we have to figure out consumer needs and try to satisfy them by selling exactly that product that consumers want to buy. Also the effective advertising must present and include for consumers some benefit he or she will receive after buying the goods or services advertised.


Marketing is the most important system of business activities, designed to plan, price, promote and distribute satisfying products. Marketing is successful when customers’ needs are satisfied. Then companies can sell more products and business can grow up and make more profit.

Marketing strategy is divided into four general groups like product, price, promotion and distribution. Every time they can be changed in marketing because all technology is changing and growing up by the years and of course consumer needs also.

The most important function in marketing development today is the Internet. Now costumers don’t need to run to stores to buy goods that they need. They can just go to the Web site and order everything that they want very fast and comfortably. Also one of the best convenience is that then all products that they order on the Internet can be delivered to their house directly. On the Internet they can also find lower prices, and send some information and opinion about what they think about this product to the distributor. 


Before I did this project I spent a lot of time looking and groping for information about marketing strategies as a result of developing technology, and about advertising on the Internet and how technology influences consumers needs. This was a very good experience for me because almost all information for this project I found in the Internet and now I know more than before about the Internet and how to use a computer properly. Also this project and the information that I found expanded and deepened my knowledge about the Internet, marketing and business.

The most interesting for me is that technology is growing up so fast and now we can buy everything that we want on the Internet. I never tried before buy some goods on the Internet but this is a very inviting and easy way. Almost every time when I’m going to shop I have to spend a few hours shopping and then I have to bring these all purchases home without a car. Now I want to try to save my free time and go to the Web site and order everything that I want including delivery to my home.

The second incredible convenience when I want to use the Internet is that I don’t have to pay cash for my purchases but only use a credit card. This is a great amenity especially if I don’t have money at this time when I want to shop.

The third convenience is that if I don’t like a product that I ordered, I can return it without any kind of problem and I will receive my money back.

I also learned a few different things about the Internet not only about shopping but also that I can use the Internet to correspond with my friends, to check what the weather is now or for next week. I can find a lot of resources for my classes, or I can even open my firm and place my advertising on the Internet.

All information that I found when I wrote this project will be very helpful and very useful for my future.


Technology has changed and it will change all the time because consumer needs are growing up and peoples knowledge and needs are  higher and bigger than they were a few hundred years ago or even a few years ago. All technology is derived from: economic condition, life-styles, consumption patterns. People are creating and developing new needs and requisites.

Technology has expanded the marketplace for businesses and consumers very much. By the technology people are changing and improving life styles.

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Jaquelin Cortes
ESL 91
Spring, 2001

Project Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both business and consumers?

Advertisements have played a great role for the companies to make a profit .Due to effective advertising companies can inform the consumers about their products or services. An effective advertisement is essential to a company’s survival because it raises their capital and reputation. Methods of advertising have changed over the centuries. The first step came with the development of printing in the 17th century in England. Newspapers and magazines became popular. In the early to middle 20th century, due to the expansion of radio and TV, a lot of companies started to use these broadcast media for advertisements.

Today as the technology continues to develop. Internet advertising is growing and is becoming one of the most effective advertising media for the public. If the companies want to be successful nowadays, Internet advertising must be conducted to be more competitive.


One of the most important considerations for businesses who wish to sell over the Internet is designing an effective website.There are four factors that businesses must remember to make a useful website. These factors, which form the acronym HOME, are High Quality Content, Often update, Minimum download time, and Ease of use.[Nielson,2000p.380].These factors are regarded as basic rules for building an effective and simple website.

While the Internet has a lot of advantages, the risk is also high. If your consumer doesn’t like your website, she/he will never come back. Based on the HOME principal, you need to make as simple a website as you can.


Since home personal computers became affordable, the rate of Internet users has grown rapidly. "The growth rate of the Internet is predicted to be at 10% of its total base of users every month ‘[Rawn,1994].Moreover , the Internet users are expanding all over the world. The more Internet users Increase, the more opportunities for a global market come to the business world.


The Internet has made it possible for the people to buy something without going to the shop. Within a couple are able to finish ordering. Today, the amount of Internet shopping is increasing. However when you want to sell something over the Internet, you have to consider how you satisfy the consumers. First of all, you need a website with simple pictures and good content which makes the consumer understand what you have and what can do for them. Again , the information must be simple. In an article about Internet advertising from the October 31st issue of the NEW YORK Times, the author says "effective advertisements over the Internet are generally those that Internet are generally those that are simple, with one sharp picture, a distinct focal point and an explicit message in headline contain no more than nine words" [Stamler,2000].

Also you have to understand payment proceeding. Since a credit card is the most useful and reasonable way to pay over the Internet, you must have connection between your businesses and credit card banks. Moreover, in order to become a reliable company, you must give the consumer security. The consumers are usually afraid of giving their credit information. You have to make sure that your consumers’ information will not leak out to others.


Technology is developing fast and the use of the Internet is growing. More people have computers which allows them to shop, get information or even to send or receive emails over the Internet. With this new system businesses are able to expand their products and services to all over the world. The Internet is also very useful for customers because they are able to buy products from other countries.


Technology is very useful for companies because they are able to sell things or services to different places. Technology started with the development of the first printing in the 17th century in England. Later on when the use of radio and TV became popular, companies started to use these broadcast media for advertisements. Now the Internet is the most popular way to advertise.


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