Innel Exume

ESL 91

Spring, 2003


The person who has the most influence in my life is my mother.She has always stood by my side whether in good times or in bad.Although my father has always been in my life I have had a closer relationship with my mom.I admire my mom the most because she is easy to talk to, always willing and ready to listen to me even if I donít make sense sometimes.When I am feeling lonely I can pick up the phone and call her and in a matter of seconds I feel better.My mom is my first girlfriend.The reason I say this is because in my relationships whenever I needed some advice she was there for me.She has taught me to be respect and treat others exactly the way I want to be treated.My mom always tells me ďto help other people especially the old ones because that would make you remember your grandmother every time you see an old lady. What ever it might be you still have to help other people who cannot help themselves so God will help no matter the circumstancesĒ.

My mom knows me so well; She knows when I am hungry, happy, sad, and broke.My mom is very important to my life; She is my hero.She is a hard working women who has raised five strong children on a tight budget and practically by herself. She has put clothes on our backs and still has the time to listen to us.If this isnít amazing I donít know what is, She has encouraged me to stay in school and make something of myself.It is because of that I am still here strong today.No matter how old I get Iím still her baby.A motherís loves is truely amazing.It doesnít matter if your ugly, beautiful physically or mentally challenged your mother still loves you.I donít know what I would I do if she werenít around.Her support and love is what keeps going day by day.

In conclusion the person who has had the most influence on my life will be my mom.This is because of the encouragement she has has given me the morals she has instilled in me and the ability to work hard to achieve my goals. ††††