Nihorka HernŠndez

ESL 91

Spring, 2003

Essay Topic: each of us has one person who has made a difference in our lives. For some of us, this person may be a family member; for others, a teacher; for others, a friend. Think of the one person who has been most influential in your life. Describe the influence that person had on you, and explains why you believe she/he has been so important in your life.


People who have made a difference in my life


††††††††††† In our lives, we always have a person that is very important for us. That person can be our lover, teacher, or friend. I have two special persons in my life. These people are my children. They are my twin boys and their names are Brian and Dionis. They are everything in my life. They helped influence me to be the best that I can be.

††††††††††† Before I had my children, I never thought that children were so important and serious. My life was different because I had the freedom to enjoy life and to do a lot of things. For example; I traveled more often and went out to the movies, to the discotheque, and other places.

When my children were born, my life changed completely because I had the role of a mother. Since that time, I couldnít go to every place with them because they were hyperactive babies. During their growth, I could not keep my eyes off of from them because if I did, I would lose sight of them because they would be running and jumping around the place like two little monkeys. I could not even go to the disco and casinos with my sons because these places are for adults only. My sons influenced me to become more serious in my life. For this reason, now, I think twice about every decision I make in my life.


My sons have been good children because I gave them a good discipline at home. I forbid them to go out alone until I am sure and believe that they can cope with all the dangers that are on the street and any places outside.†††††††††††††††††††† I also donít allow them to get along with bad peers because if they get along with bad friends, then they will learn bad moves. For example; they could get addicted to drugs or to smoke. Or maybe they will try to imitate these bad people. For instance; they could become killers, robbers, or rapists. So far, my sons have understood me everything that I told them about drugs and smoking.†††††††††††††

For this reason, I am very proud of them because they are very obedient children. I hope to God that in the future, all my efforts will not have been in vain.

I try to do all my best for my children because I love them a lot. They also gave me the strength to return to school and finish my education. In the future, I want them to follow in my footsteps and finish their education too because I do not want them to suffer in their lives. I would desire that they have their own good jobs. I also wish with all my heart that my children become good men because these days, anything can happen. I just expect in the future that they will struggle to become good sons, husbands and fathers.

They will always be special in my life. My sons have influenced me to appreciate many things in life, including the time I spend with them and to not take things for granted. I have become more organized because of them. I prioritize my time according to what I feel is more important. I try to spend quality time with my sons. My children have been so important in my life. They are my life, my strength and my heart. Without them, my life isnít the same. They are the only ones that I have in my life and that I know care about me.

††††††††††† As I have said many times before, my children have made a difference in my life. Without them, my life would have no sense. I believe that it is very important to have someone beside us because we never know when this person will do us a big favor, to make a difference in our lives.