Essay Topic: Each of us has one person who has made a difference in our lives. For some of us, this person may be a family member; for others, a teacher; for others, a friend. Think of the one person who has been most influential in your life. Describe the influence that person had on you, and explain why you believe she/he has been so important in your life.


Agnes Adenihun
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

The Most Important Person in My Life

Sometimes in life you meet people that could change your life around. It could be your family, friends, teachers, or your pastor. Life is full of positive and negative things. Sometime I would wake and up I would feel like my life is not going alright. When I had these feelings I was seventeen years old. I had my first son in June 1996. My life changed from a happy beautiful young girl to a sad young girl. My life was full of negative things then like smoking, dropping out of school, and I was also pregnant. My friend, Nikky is the most important person in my life, because she helped me through this tough part of my life.

It was May 1997; I met someone that changed my life around. She also made everything easy for me. Her name is Nikky Brown. She was from Nigeria. She was twenty-one when I was seventeen years old. I met her at work she came to my work place to buy some groceries. I used to work in a supermarket in the city. She came to my register to check out her groceries. She saw my name and she asked me if I was from Nigeria. I told her I am from Nigeria, but I was born in England.

Nikky was a young, intelligent and brilliant girl. She was so brilliant at the age of twenty that she got master degree in social work. She was so nice to me since day I met her. She helped me with everything such as financial, emotion, and spiritual. She also gave me so many advices how to become some body in my life. She was always here for my son instead of his father. She would take my son to park and some time to the movie. We both started talking and we also exchanged phone numbers. She always called me every other night to see how I was doing. We used to talk for about three good hours on the phone every other night.The first time she spoken to me on the phone I told her I wished I could kill myself.

Two weeks later, she came to my house and she saw my son, and she asked me if that was my child or my sisterís child. I told her that was my child. We both talked and talked all day. We talked about my problems and her family problems too. She asked me why I wanted to kill myself. She told me, but you have a nice paying job with a beautiful baby boy. I told her the whole story about myself, how I ended up dropping out of high school and how my family hated me for doing the things that I did. My family was very disappointed in me from that day till now.

I was sixteen when my problems started. I was in high school when I met a boy from my country. His name was Ade and we both felt in love with each other. We did every thing together all the time like school work, shopping, and would go places too. The day I found out I was pregnant; I did not tell any body. I did not want tell my parents because they would be disappointed in me. Some days later, I called my boyfriend and I told him I was pregnant. The first thing that came out of him mouth was he did not want any children now. He told me that I had to go for an abortion. I left him knowing that it is against my religion and my culture for me to have an abortion. I could not keep it to myself any more.

I called my mom and I told her I was pregnant. She was so disappointed in me and we both started crying. I begged her not to tell my father until I thought it is really to let him know about my situation. It was very hard for me to tell my father and my mother. She did not talk to me since the day I told her I was pregnant. I went to my friendís motherís house and I told her the whole story so that she could talk to my mom on my behalf. Some few days later, my mother came to my room and told me I must not try to go for any abortion. It was so hard for me that I had to stop going to school. I did not tell my parents I stopped school so I started working. One day I came back from work my father called me and told me one of my teachers called and told him that I was not in school for some days. The same day after dinner I could not keep the secret any more. I was sitting next to my father and I told him the whole story. He did not act very disappointed, but I could tell he was. I decided to move out of the house by myself. Since I stopped going to school I did not see my boyfriend.

Nikky felt so bad for me after hearing the whole story and she also promised me she would hold me. One day I saw at her by my door and she came in with some G.E.D information booklets in hand. I told her I could not do because had to take care of my son. She told me call the place first and make an appointment with one of the teachers. I called and I went to the G.E.D center with my son in my hand. It was so cold outside but I had no choice than to go. I went for the appointment and the teacher told me the next class was going to be on Monday. I called Nikky I told her the next class was going be on Monday. She decided take care of my son for the time I am in my G.E.D class. I passed the test she was so happy for me. The worst day of my life was the day she called me and told me she would be moving to Maryland. I was so sad all day. Two months after she moved she called me and asked me about my classes in college. I told I could not go because of my son. She sent me some money so that I could take my son to the day care center.

She has been so nice to me and my son since I met her. If not for her I would not be here today. She taught me how to be strong and how to hand problems like this. Nikky change my life and also made to be self-confident in myself.

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Chie Mori
Spring, 2004

†††† One of the most influential persons in my life is my mother. She is the one who encouraged me to go to college in the U.S.

††† My father at first opposed me to go to the U.S.A. He couldnít understand why I wanted to go there, and he said that it would be a very fearful thing for me and also for my family. We talked about it everyday. My mother was by my side most of the time and helped me to persuade my father. She gave me advice to persuade him convincingly. She also tried to persuade him for me. At last he understood and let me go to the U.S.A. She wanted me to go to the college that I wanted and chose by myself. She has never been to college because her home didnít have enough money for it, so she wants me to experience it.

†††† My mother always encourages me to do what I want, what I choose. She never forces me to do anything. To give an example, a lot of parents in Japan make their children attend a cramming school. I didnít attend it until I thought I needed it. She thinks that it is the best for me to encourage me to do what I want and not to force me to do something. She is right. It lets me focus on the things I really want to do or learn. It also makes me to be able to do anything, even the things I donít want to do.

†††† My mother never lies, looks down on anyone, or speaks ill of anyone. A lot of people do these things sometimes, even though they know that they are bad. But I never see her doing them. She scolds me severely for doing these things. I think Iím becoming like her little by little. Iím a kinder person than before.

†††† My mother has never been to college, but it doesnít mean that sheís not educated. She is intelligent. She loves reading. She knows a lot of things and always has her opinion, for example, about politics, environmental problems and so on. She taught me many things, not only educational things but also life, what kind of person I should be. Iím still learning from her. In the future, I want to encourage her to go to college, like she now does to me.

†††† When Iím depressed, I call home. My mother always cheers me up. She listens to me and gives advice. Her advice is right for me all the time. I feel much better after talking to her. When Iím scared to go to college, she always says ďDonít be negative. ExperienceĒ. She says that experiencing is very important, even if I canít achieve it.

†††† My mother is the most beautiful person in the world. She has the most beautiful heart. I love her, as a mother and as a person. I want to be like her. As she says that experiencing is important, Iíll try anything. Iíll do my best.

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Entela Kokoshi
ESL 91
Spring, 2004


Life is not simple. It is full of problems and surprises .Our job is to solve the problems and to understand the surprises in that way which makes us feel better and happier. We, human beings are predisposed to work hard throughout our lives in order to achieve our goals. We have dreams that we want to fulfill. We have problems, which have to be solved by us. Itís in the human nature to fight in order to win what we are looking for. We become more motivated when we have a person next to us trying to help us understand the meaning of life.

It was March 02- 2004 when my dream came true. That was the first day of school. At the same time I was so happy for the person that helped me going through a lot of things. He was my father. He is about fifty years old .He suffered a lot when he was young. Like every person he had dreams that he wonted to accomplish. One of my fatherís dreams was a good education. At his early years of his age the country he was living in did not give him the opportunity to go to college. The main reason why was because the country was under communist regime. Moreover his family was persecuted and not allowed to go to college and it was really hard for him to admit the idea of being separated from others. But it was harder to live in a way that he did not want to live. As the years were passing by my country embraced the democracy. People were free. My father was happy because what he was wishing for became a reality. In addition to that he wanted his children to perceive a good education. He wanted us to accomplish what he was never allowed to accomplish, which was going to college.

†††††††††† While thinking of my past, I stopped for one moment at one part that has been in my mind for so long. I remember when I was a child, I didnít like to read books or go to school. One night I was in my room listening music. My father knocked on the door. I opened the door and I saw him so angry. He turned off the music and said: ďCome and sit here for one moment!Ē .I went there. I was so scared because I didnít know what that was about. He told me that listening to music all day is not a good idea. I was trying to convince him that I liked music .He said that you can listen the music after you finish this book .I didnít really wanted to read that book but I had too. I had to tell him the summary of the book after finishing it. After one week I read the entire book. I approached my father so happy because I finished it and I thought that I was not going to read another one. But my father was pushing me to read books day after day even if I didnít like to do so. I read so many books and I really started to like school. From that day until now I never quit reading books. Now I understand why my father did that. First, because I started to like the school and second because from reading the books I learned a lot of things about life and the world.

My father also helped me to come to the U.S.A. When I was at the age that I had to decide what I was going to do for my future I went to my father and I sat at his knees. I started to talk to him about the idea of coming to the U.S.A. Also I talked to him about going to college there. He agreed with my decision.Finishing college was a big dream for my father. It was the dream that was living in his heart. I wanted to go to college for me and for him. There are some words that I always keep in mind. These are my fatherís words, coming from his heart: ďThere is nothing in this world that you can not achieve. With hard work and a lot of patience, you can win. Donít lose the faith in yourself.Ē

He told me that he was going to help me with my tuition. My duty was to study hard to get good grades. I did what he sad to me .The last year of my high school I studied really hard .My grades were excellent .My father was proud of me and I was proud of myself too. He decided to meet one of the coordinators who bring students to the U.S .My father had a hard time in those days .He prepared all my documents to come to this country. I felt so bad because it was the first time that I had to live far away from my family. I was only 17 years old. I had to take care of myself and work hard for the school.

In August 2000 with my fatherís help I came to U.S. After 4 years in U. S I was ready to start the school. My father had worked hard for that day .Now he was waiting for the answer .I applied to KCC and they accepted me. When I got the paper from the school I was so happy .The only person that went into my mind was my father. I picked up the phone and dialed the number. While dialing the number I was imagining the smile on his face and tears in his eyes. At that moment I wanted to have him in my arms and thank him for what he did for me. He always will stay the most important person in my life. He made me a better person of whom he is proud.

It was my father who always stayed next to me. He supported me in everything, which contributed in making me a better person. Because of him I am going to college. It was him who showed me the right path to walk. I respect him and love him with all my heart. I thank my father for all he did for me.

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Quratulain Khawaja
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

††††††††††† For each of us there is one person who has been made difference in our lives.A family member, a friend or a teacher can make the difference. Sometimes these changes become part of our lives and are not easy to forget.The person who has been influential in my life is my high school teacher.Ms. Polin a very helpful and generous person who did a big favor in my life.She helped me in my difficult time. She prepared me for my English Regents exam.†† She influenced my life in a positive way.

††††††††††† One day after class was finished I spoke to Ms. Polin about getting low grades on my exam.I told her that I didnít pass this Regents for the second time and I was unaware of the cause. I asked her if she could help me in her free time.Ms. Polin agreed to help me in her free time every Wednesday and Friday. She told me to buy Barronís Regents preparation book.When I bought the book, she used to give me assignments and multiple-choice questions based on the reading.I used to do them as my homework and at our next meeting she used to check my work.She also had previous old Regents exams from which I used to do questions and essays based on the writing prompts.Ms. Polin taught me how each section of test worked and what were the grading criteria.She told me to memorize the key terms that would help me with my informative and persuasive essays.I used to practice essays at home until I felt that I was fully prepared.My parents and friends were also concerned that I was having problems passing my exam.I had moral and emotional support from both my parents and friends.Ms. Polin didnít just help me; she encouraged me to think positively.

††††††††††† I realized that I had taken this exam twice before and wasnít able to pass it due to test anxiety.I always used to have negative feelings that I would not pass my exam and wouldnít be graduating with my classmates.To prevent anxiety I learned to relax during my exam.During this time I was very depressed and thought nothing would work for me.Ms. Polin really influenced me by encouraging me to think confidently. She gave me strength to think that I could really do well if I worked hard.Nothing is impossible in life; if you work hard you can make it possible.

††††††††††† When I was fully prepared I took the exam in January 2003.The test was fair and I did well on it.While taking the test I remembered my parentís and Ms. Polinís words.My parents told me not to be anxious during the exam; everything will be okay.Ms. Polin said Qurat ďI hope for your best and I know you will do itĒ.My hard work and Ms. Polinís help led me do it.Everyone was really happy, my parents, my friends and especially my teacher.

††††††††††† I am still carrying those memories and words along with me when I am about to take a test.I know I need to believe in myself, trust my abilities and work hard.She has changed my way of thinking when it comes to challenges.

††††††††††† For each of us there is one person who has made difference in our lives; my life was influenced by my teacher.Ms. Polin will always be remembered no matter what I become in future.From this experience I have learned that a teacher like Ms. Polin is always willing to help their students if they ask for it.This experience suggests helping others in their hard times.I have also learned to have confidence in myself and realize if I put my mind into something I can do anything.††††

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Raquel Crespo
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

A Teacher To Remember

I was the kind of child that always struggled in school. I was very withdrawn and never showed much interest in school. I never wanted to be in class. At times I wanted to drop out of school. I always felt very stupid and not important. Until I met a teacher named Mrs. Karaghiozakis at Fort Hamilton high school.

Mrs. Karaghiozakis is a teacher that was the most influential person in my life. I really admire her because she always encouraged me to go to class and treat other teachers and students with respect. She also kept me out of trouble. If I ever needed any extra help in homework; she was there, it didnít matter which subject it was. She always told me that people are never stupid; they might need more help , or take a little longer than others to learn something, but they are never stupid.

There was another time I didnít want to take my science RCT, the last one of six tests to get my diploma. I donít know what happened to me that day, I was determined not to take that test, but the talk and comfort and encouragement that she gave me made me believe that I could pass the test and nothing could stop me from passing it, so I took it and I passed it.

Mrs. Karaghiozakis is easy to talk to , I could just tell her anything because sheís very honest and talks to me openly about anything in life. She was always ready to listen to me when I was feeling down. With her comfort and warm words I always felt better and important. When I needed some advice, she was there for me. She is my friend, my angel and mentor. Mrs. Karaghiozakis has a great passion and love to teach children. She has so much patience to sit down with them and explain the work to them. She never makes the school work boring; she always made it fun and exciting and easier to learn. She always did it with a smile on her face.

I hope one day I could feel that same passion, care and love that she has of teaching and helping children like the way she help me. She completely changed my life around and made me a different person the one I am today.

Mrs. Karaghiozakis was the one person who influenced me the most and to whom I am very thankful because she gave me the inspiration to become a teacher. I am very glad that I met her and I think that without her I would never have succeeded and got my high school diploma. I wouldnít be where I am today, in college, if it werenít for her.

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Lina Luo
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

An Influential Person in My Life

††††††††††† In the present day, people are facing tremendous amount of distractions such as violent television programs, drugs, and distractions from the opposite sex. They accept them without any considering. They can not distinguish good from evil. To get away from these distractions, to let them walk into their meaningful life, it is important to choose an influential person who can prevent people from wrongdoing, and advice them about which way can be positive or negative. And I think I am lucky because there is a person who has deeply influenced me in the rest of my life. She was my English teacher in my primary school. Like most students, I regarded her as a respectable person. Her kindness made me totally transform my life and negative habits into a positive way.

††††††††††† In my memory, she was medium-high, about twenty-four years old. She wore glasses. Her shoes were always brightly polished. Tough, young and attractive in appearance, she was dignified and enthusiastic in her teaching. She came early every Wednesday morning. She cleaned the blackboard personally and wrote some subjects and notes on it. She was not only a respectable teacher, but also a good adviser and friend to her students. She had a big heart to act as studentsí friend. Anytime we needed her, she was ready to help us. As for me, I was her one of the examples to describe how she assisted her students by her kindness.

††††††††††† I was the only child in my family. So everyone treated me as ďa little queenĒ Consequently, I developed some negative habits, which are laziness and being eager for my friends and relatives to listen to me whether I was wrong or right. For instance, in my childhood I liked to play with girls and boys of my age in the neighborhood. Sometimes, I was singled out to lead my group without anyoneís permission. Mother always said to me that I did not like to be told what to do by another person unless she or he was stronger than I. Moreover, I was known as a lazy girl in my community because sleeping in the bed was my favorite activity. Whenever people called me to go outside or my housework, I would give them the same answer that I was busy now. At the age of six, when I attended the primary school, I met my English teacher. She was very warm and a good adviser for me. She was concerned about my bad habits as soon as she recognized them. She reasonably guided me to put a stop to those habits. Thus, she employed many ways such as assigning me a number of activities and providing a chance for me to be a monitor in my class in order to adjust them.

††††††††††† The first step she took was to assign me lots of exercises and push me to join some academic activities. She said that those activities would not only change my laziness but also beneficial for me to live a healthy life. Thus, I reluctantly accepted and followed her direction. In the first few days, I felt it was too difficult to fulfill. And then, I thought it did not suit me and wanted to quit. However, after a few weeks, I began to feel comfortable and more energy than before as my body built up. As a result, I prevented some diseases such as cold and fever which had troubled me for a long time. So many years have passes but I have never stopped doing those exercises that she had given to me. Now, I have a strong body to support me to achieve my goal.

††††††††††† The second step she recommended was to provide a chance for me to be a monitor in my class. Occasionally, when the teacher was tied up, I would be appointed to lead the class to do exercises, standing on the platform and reading the text the way a teacher would do. I still remember my first time standing on the platform. At that time, I felt deeply deeply nervous because I didít know how to lead my classmates to read and to make them listen to me. I was trembling and my mind was blank. She comforted me as soon as she knew that. She said: ďDonít worry. Everyone will have the same situation as you. It is not easy for everyone to deal with it. You will be fine.Ē She also educated me that a leader should be known more knowledge than for other persons. So your only work is to obtain general and specific knowledge from all kinds of books in order to lead your classmates. I agreed with her suggestions and then I obeyed them. The result was knowledge gave me confidence to stand in front of my classmates again. Finally, I got applause from my classmates. I really appreciate her encouragements because they made me live a meaningful life. Now, I am a manager of the sales department working in a small supermarket. Even though my team only has two people, I am sure that I am brave enough to lead them to work because I have more knowledge to support me.

††††††††††† Beyond everything that my teacher did for me, I understood that the need to follow someone whom you judge as a standard person could be helpful. They will help us to distinguish what is negative and positive. I have not seen my teacher for many years after I graduated form my primary school, but her words and kindness will have an impact on me forever.

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Anna Shapiro
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

The Most Influential Person in My Life.

It was the year1996, when I came to this country to marry my husband. I was a completely different person, until I met my grandmother-in-law. Influence doesnít always have to be positive. Unfortunately, some people are influenced in a negative way, but not me.I would like to tell about my grandmother in-law, who has influenced me very positively. She has many beautiful qualities that make her influential. This woman is wise and smart, goodhearted, honest and she is a survivor. She is 75 years old, but her mind is a lot younger.

She had a very interesting and challenging life. She grew up during World WarII. Before the War started, she finished 5th grade. However, after it began, the education system in Russia fell apart. That didnít stop her from learning. She educated herself. Eventually she became a nurse and helped people a lot. Then, she even went to the College Of Foreign Languages and became a very knowledgeable and intelligent person. After she graduated, she became an excellent English teacher.

Not only was the educational systemruined by war, the economical system was also . After the War people lived in a very difficult situation. There was no heat and food; people were suffering. My grandmother helped everybody since she was a little girl. Then, after some time passed , she met her husband, who was 10 years older.They liveda beautifuland caring life with each other. She came here with her husband 10 years ago.He was a very sick person. And all these years I was witnessing love and patience andsacrifice; sleepless nights andtremendous self-possession. When he was in the hospital she would spend weeks near his bed. She prolonged his life as much as she could. When he died 2 years ago, she was barely alive herself. She was trying to get on with her life. She loved him so much. I was so close to her in those days.

Just about the same time, my first child started meeting the world. In the days of her grief†† my grandmother-in-law was handling herself very bravely. That was the time when I desperately needed help with my son, because I could not lose my job. Grandmother knew my situation, and that was the big reason for her to help me. So, shestarted to look after my son. She loves him so much and he was her cure.There are no words to describe my appreciation. I would see her in the morning with a smile and, at the end of the day, she would go home and cry all night long. For me, thatís the biggest sacrifice that any person could ever make. That taught me how to forget about myself if someone needs my help.

My grandmotherís friendships are very strong, because she is so caring. All people around her love her, because she is so great. She is very forgiving person; never says anything negative about anyone.

She has taught me how to forgive people. That is very important to treat others the way I want to be treated. Thatís why I am the kind of person that I am today. She made me a more caring, thoughtful and forgiving friend, mother and wife . When I came here to start my married life, I was alone.My mother was far away from me. My grandmother-in-law gave me so much support and warmest wishes. She is my teacher and I have her personality in life and allits situations. Because of the romance that she and her husband lived , I am living the same life with my husband.

She has influenced me in many ways. Her love for life triggered me to make the best out of myself.For instance, knowing how hard she worked on her education, makes me want to work hard as well. Even though I have two children, she convinced me to go to college and make something out of myself.Because of her educational experience she is as smart as she is. And I would like to be very much like my grandmother-in-law. She is a beautiful and kind individual. Her life has influenced me dramatically. I am amazed by her power. I will never forget the things we have shared and the things I have learned from her.

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Estella Asmal
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

An influential person is someone that can change your life, by giving you good advice and supporting you. They can leave lasting impressions on you. For example my older brother Miguel has done that for me. He was always there for me when I needed him. If it were not for him I wouldnít have ever finished high school and received my diploma. He is the one that gave me encouragement to move on in my life and to go to college to be somebody.

The reason I picked my brother is because heís the only one I could count on. Heís like a best friend that I could just tell my problems to. I can talk to him about: school, friends, and tell him when I had problems with my mother. He would always take the time to listen and try to solve my problems. I was never a bright student. I always had difficulty learning. For me to learn something my brother had to repeat it to me a couple of times and explain it to me slowly, step by step so I could understand it. Sometimes I felt frustrated, at times I gave up trying. Since I was too shy to ask the teachers for help, I used to make believe that I understood the work. When I arrived home I always asked my brother for help. He would sit down with me and have the patience to show me how to do the work and explain it.

Another example of how my brother was an important person in my life was when I was a freshman in high school I started to hangout with the wrong crowd. It was six of my friends and I. We used to cut school together. We used to go everywhere. We used to go to the movies, the park, and each otherís houses. My brother always told me to choose my friends carefully. He told me "you never know who you are hanging out with. If  you hang with the wrong crowd, you are never going to get anywhere with them. The only thing thatís going to happen is that you are going to drop out of school". If it werenít for my brother telling my mom to check up on me in school once every month to see how I was doing, I would have dropped out of school just like my other friends and maybe I would have taken the G.E.D or I wouldnít be in college right now.

Like any other teenager I barely listen to my mother. When my mother wouldnít give me permission to go out with my friends, I would argue and get mad at her to see if she  would let me go. But it was no use, she still said" NO!!" . I still didnít pay attention to her, I just grabbed my jacket and walked out of my house. When I came back home I already knew what was waiting for me when I came through the door, she used to scream at me or hit me. For me it was like it didn't matter if I got hit or screamed at because I had fun. My mother knew how my friends were, thatís why she wouldnít let me go out with them. She used to say that they were a bad influence on me.i perfer listening to my brother then my mother because i know we wouldn't argue with each other, like me and my mother would. He has patients to explain thing to me and make me see the way things are and should be. When you have someone like my brother he makes you see whatís good and bad. Heíll tell me that "you shouldnít be like that with mom because sheís telling you NO for your own good because she cares about you and she doesnít want to see you get hurt". Its Is true what my brother says because once you get older you realize that your parents was just looking out for you and protecting you from bad.

I appreciate my brother because he was always taking care of me. He didnít want me to end up like my friends, working in jobs that have minimum wages for the rest of my life or having a baby or being on the streets. He always wanted me to go to college because he had the chance to go, but never finished because he had a baby and had to go off to work to support the child. Thatís why he wanted me to go to school and finish. He also wants me to be the first one from my family to finish college and be somebody in the future.

My brother has made a difference in my life because he encouraged me to go to school. He made me work very hard to achieve my goals. I am very grateful for every thing that he has done for me.

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Marie Michelle Catule
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

My Mother Has Influenced My Life

†††††††††† An influential person is someone who has made a difference in other peopleís lives. Each and every one of us who has been living in this world has someone special who influences our lives for a reason. When I was four years old my mother traveled to the United States and left me with my grandmother in Haiti. My grandma took good care of me, but my life was missing my mother. I have been living in this world for twenty-one years and my life was most influenced in November 1999. The person who has the most influence on me is my mother Marie-Ange. Since I came to the United States in 1999 my mother has become my best friend, my teacher, my confidant, and my listener.

††††††††† My mother is a very good mom because she wanted me to have the best education in life. After I came to the United States my mother wanted me to go to school to continue my education. The first day I went to high school in America, I was confused because I had never been to school in America before. I attended classes for two days and I refused to go again for two reasons. The first reason was I didnít speak English and second was the students who were making fun of me.

†††† ††My mother convinced me to go because she said nobody was born to know; thatís why people created school for us to learn. She told me not to listen to the students and try hard on focusing on my studies and to achieve one day at a time. I listened to my mother and continued going to school. She has confidence that I will achieve one day. In 1999, I went to Catherine McAuley High School and I tried very hard to make myself and family happy. I am very special to my mom and because of her I made one step. I was afraid that I would never graduate high school, but my mom had faith in me. In 2002, I graduated high school with honors and my mom was so happy.

††††† My mother wanted me to be happy and do the right thing in life. After I finished my high school my mom encouraged me to go Kingsborough Community College to study nursing. In fall 2002, I entered Kingsborough to start my career, and then transfer to a four year college to earn my degree. My mom wants me to develop my talent as a young woman and she promises me that she will support me to the end. This is very important to me because my mom wanted me to become the person that I wanted to be. It is because of my mother I finished my high school and am going to college today. I love my mother very much because she really cares about my education and my future. After I accomplish my college career I will work to have money to celebrate with her.

††††††††††† My life has been changed because of my mom who comforts me and made me become more confident in myself. I have lots of fun with my mom because she still continues to play with me like a baby. Sometimes, when Iím discouraged with life sheís always there to talk to me and make my life wonderful.

††††††††††† In conclusion, I am very blessed to have a wonderful mom because not everybody who has that kind of mom has a chance to be lucky like me. I have learned from my mom how very important education is in our lives. I will always encourage myself to do the best I can in life. I will never let anything bother me because my mom has inspired her knowledge on me. I am working very hard in school to complete my career. I will never forget anything she has done and always will do for me. †††††

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Odriste Luxama
ESL 91
Spring, 2004

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† My Mother

††††††††††† Throughout their lives, people always have someone who has some kind influence on them. Those influences might lead them to do the right thing as well as the bad one. Often time, when they come to some kind of big achievement in their lives or even when they make the right choice about something, they claim that someone was somehow behind this. This person is who they consider as of being their role model.

††††††††††† Talking about role model, I can attribute this title to one person, my mother. She influences me in all aspects of my life. Not only the way that she raised me enabled me to be the person I am today meaning respectful, educated, generous and kind, but also seeing the way that she carried herself helped me the determine what was acceptable and unacceptable in a society. Though my father was always here, my mother was the one after who I looked.

She would always talk to us, my sisters and I about the values of life. She never stopped to trace the right example for us. As a woman, she made sure that we, her daughters, knew how to act in society. Moreover, she never stopped to remind us about our characteristics and what we represented as girls and later on women. To her, a woman should always act with dignity, reserve, and seriousness.

††††††††††† My mother educated all of us the same way.But I am the one who feels mostly influenced by her. Since I was the youngest, I took all of her time. I was constantly with her. No matter what she was doing, I was involved in it. That is one of the reasons why my mother and I are very close. I always tell her about my problems no matter what kind it is and she always finds the solution.

††††††††††† My mother and I sometimes have arguments but when we always handle everything because I respect her. Therefore, I would never let myself disrespecting her. I understand that everything she said or reprimand me on is for my good.She would never want anything bad for me.

My mother has caused me to be courageous. Every day, when I think about all that she went through while raising us, I really am amazed. When I was about 5 years of age, my father had moved to the United State leaving my mother behind with 7 kids and no one else to help her around the house. Though my father always sent money for us, we went through some difficult times. My father got layed off many times from his jobs and he didnít have enough money to send to us. Therefore, my mother was in charge of everything. I could never understand how she did it but, she always managed to keep her family together.

††††††††††† My mother has taught me about the importance of a family. To her, family was the most important thing in life. And, for that matter, she raised us according to that standard. She always told us that everything else would go, disappear, but family is what would always stick around. As a result, my sisters and I always try to keep a close bond between us. We donít live in the same area, but we always manage to keep in touch either by calling each other on the phone or by meeting at a place every other weekend.

††††††††††† If it werenít for my mother, I donít know where I would be by now. Every time that I see or hear about people who I knew during my childhood I always feel sorry for them if they end up doing bad things. By the same token, I feel grateful that I am on the right track up to now and hope to stay.

††††††††††† I know that because I was well raised by my mother does not necessarily mean that this is the reason why I am who I am today because I could have chosen not to listen. However, I know that I had the option to listen to her or not. The worse thing would be if I did not have her at all as a role model.

††††††††††† I think that if everyone had someone to look after and choose as his or her role model it would be good. Most of the time people follow what their friends do.And, usually they choose the wrong ones. They would listen to their friends who would lead them in all the wrong directions and therefore do things such as teenager sex, drug, alcohol, and robbery. People who lost themselves to those things usually grow up to be worse than they were during their teenage years. And as a result, they become a danger to society. Their bad behavior might have been the result of their being raised in a single parent household or a household where none of the parents have set any good examples to their offspringís.

††††††††††† I could say that I was lucky and still am for being a member of my family. Furthermore, I can say that parents while they can be your role model by the way they themselves behave they can also be so in the way that they raise you. Whatever what people learned during their lives were in part because of their parents.

††††††††††† I will never stop thanking my mother for what she represents in my life.Moreover, I am glad that my mother is my role model because without her in that place I donít know for sure if the person I would have followed would be as good as she is in fulfilling this task.A good role model is what everyone should have.†††††

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