Nataliya K.

Vika Bondar
ESL 91
Spring, 2000

Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?


Advertising is a good way to show, to tell people about a product. In the early 19th century, advertising was available only in newspapers and magazines. Advertising on TV and the Internet has been opened far later. In 1992 the Internet advertising was opened to commercial activities and became popular in the United States.

Advertising on TV and newspapers familiarizes people with advertising only in a certain area. But the Internet has dispersed ads mostly in the entire world. People can buy one or another product in any area (country). Year after year advertising on the Internet has captured more and more people. On the Internet we can find what ever we want and need: music (in any language), books, clothing, trips, information about vacations, jobs, cars, houses. And moreover we can buy all this easily online.

In this project I will discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology, how they changed step by step. I will describe the changes that have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology. Finally I will discuss how those changes have expanded the marketplace for businesses and for consumers.

How Have Sales and Marketing Strategies Changed With Developing Technology

Advertisers try to figure out how to make advertising work on the Web. They look for someone who can make the Web site. But as Web advertising day after day is a more important part of marketing budgets, advertisers should work hard to adopt a language, which they are going to need in their future business on the Web.

Advertisers have a lot of choices on the Web. Technology is developing very fast, but still we have to do a lot of work to make advertising on the Internet. For what do we need a Web site? First of all you can make money from this. In addition, almost the whole world can come to your Web site and of course you will get money. The most important thing is for us to create our own Web page on the Internet. And for those who can't do this, there is only one choice: to hire someone else who can. For example, I am a person, who wants to make the Web page, but I don't have the skills to do this job. I will hire the person who can do this (page) then, of course I will pay money for his or her skill. But maybe one day that man or women (who made the web site for me) will visit my site and buy something. By this I want to say that everybody gets paid for the job which he or she does.

Web site design is really important for a company. A page on the Internet should be nice, interesting, and get people interested in the product. Then we should include pictures, advertising, and explanations. For example, you see a picture, you can better know how the product looks, and with what you are dealing. For example, I don't know English very well and maybe if I read something I wouldn't understand what this is. But when I see the picture, I will figure out what it is.

Moreover the Web site should give us clear information so that we can have good understanding about the product. We should know why the product is good, why we need this (product). If a company has good advertising, the success is almost guaranteed.

How does the Internet tell us about a product and why it is good or not good?

Advertisers on the Web have three choices: destination sites, micro sites, and captions (Doyle). Destination sites, use information, amusement, and high production value to pull users in and bring them back again. Micro sites are small windows, which produce some product or something about "Win $ 5,000", by just filling out a form. Companies can put micro sites in a lot of other web pages, so that people can see them, without going into their own site (people who produce the product). Captions let people request, for example free samples, register to win, and other products. For example, computer game companies put a demo game on the Web site. People can play, and if they like this game they will order this disk. The most important thing is to intrigue people. Put more pictures, opinions of different people, good and big advertising on their Web site. If a company has all those statements, their business will increase and prosper.

Comparing TV and Computer Technology (Internet). What are The Differences Between TV and Internet, What Gives Us Better View About A Product?

The Internet is the best way to present advertising. There are so many different media, where we can produce advertising, but they are not as effective as the Internet. One of them is TV. Television advertisements are very popular even right now. But not too many companies can put their advertising on the TV channel, because they maybe have just a few minutes for this to present the product. In this short time advertising on TV can't give us enough information; there is not enough time even to write down the phone number. For example, I want to buy a camera. I saw advertising on TV a few times and I couldn't catch the information. But if I go to the Web site, I will find a lot of important information, and the price. I can see this camera, and I don't need to hurry. I can relax until I am finished. And another good point is the price. If you order from the Internet, it will be much cheaper.

Why do advertisers do this and why is it profitable for them? They do this to intrigue people. People don't need to waste their time, and they don't need to get out of the house and waste money for gas. Moreover it is profitable for the company because they don't need to hire people (salesperson); they don't have to pay rent, and they don't need a building. If someone asked me as either a businessperson or a consumer what I'd chose, I would say -the Internet. As a consumer, I would chose the Internet, because I don't like to walk into the store; as a businessperson, because I can sell my product to the whole world.

As I was preparing this project, I used a lot of information, which of course I found on the Internet. I learned a lot of new slang, which is helpful for me now and will be helpful in my future. Even thought I am new to using computers, I still can go on the Internet. If I get on the computer, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Sometimes even when I need to go, I still sit at the computer. But before I get off of the Internet, I usually spend more than one hour, by saying to myself that's it. I think o.k. one more minute, let me see one more page and after another page and another. I check all those micro sites. Sometimes I fill out an application to win something. I hope that one day I will win money or something else. The Internet motivates me to stay on the page and to look for other pages also. And moreover the Internet is really helpful for my college and my ESL 91 class.


 In conclusion I want to say that the Internet is a really good thing. The Internet gives us( people) a greater amount of information as we need. It is the best way to get a comparison of the products that we need. If we are interested in buying, it is best for us to check the Web sites. Also if we would like to make our own Web page we can do this, without paying a lot of money. From where do we set all this information? The answer is from advertising, which we see everywhere: on TV, on the Internet, in the newspapers and more. Year after year we get more and more new, interesting information. In the future I will use the Internet more than now because I will have more time for computer and I find it really interesting.


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Ewa Kucharska
ESL 91
Spring, 2000

Essay Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?

Today we have incredible change in marketing strategy and sales. Our technology has been changed all the time and that effects change in marketing and sales. Today we have a lot of commercials and advertising. The advertisements are introducing and selling products to the customer market. Since the 17th century, when the English newspaper published the first advertisement, through the 18th and 19th centuries, and continuing during the 20th century technology has been developed that has caused changes in the marketing strategy. Each change in technology has a major influence on advertising. Today the main advertising media are TV commercials and e-commercials. E-commercials are our future because the customer can see e-commercials by sitting in front of his/her computer and checking e-mail.

Now we use the Internet all the time. We have the Internet everywhere. We do research for school. We use the Internet at work during our lunch hours. People use the Internet very often and for a variety of purposes including shopping, research, or when they are just bored. Advertisers attach their little advertisement to very popular websites. These are the websites that have the most “hits.” There are advertisements in the small icons that say “click here” to open large color displays with sound and movement included. Sometimes the ads flash to catch your attention.

The big companies are investing more in commercials on the web. In 1997 there were twice as many e-commercials than in 1996. The ads on the Internet are more developed since1992. In this year the Internet opened the market for commercials on the web sites. That’s why now we have more commercials on the Internet. Many companies see e-commercials as a good opportunity for their business. Also more companies have their own web page on the Internet. For example I saw a Gap commercial for Web sites a week ago. I have a younger brother in Poland and I have no idea what to buy for him. So when I spoke with him I told him go to the web site,, and send me e-mail about what he wants. Now I can go to the store and buy him a gift. Or I can order it for him on the net, and have is delivered to him in Poland. For me it is important that he like the present.

However I read that the Internet is not ready for commercials. We don’t have an established market for it. According to Moskowitz, who published an article about e-commercials on the Internet, the Internet is not ready for “the exchange of money so necessary to commerce…”. That means our Internet is not ready with the necessary software for marketing. We don’t have enough qualified high technical people for the Internet, even though we can sell everything on the Internet from a cheese to a car. However we can sell only products which we have put to the web sites this makes the product available for customers. We can’t forget that, part of our Internet isn’t yet setup for business transactions. For example: I was on the Internet looking for the flowers for Mother’s Day. I found many nice flowers for my mom. I didn’t buy any because I live with my mom. I’d rather go to the flower store and chose fresh flowers on my own. However I have my father in Poland and I wanted to send him flowers for Father’s Day. I couldn’t do it for my father because the Internet in Poland doesn’t have flowers on the Internet. Then I wanted to order a pen or tools for my dad and I found out this is difficult. Polish web sites are different and they don’t have nice pictures as American have it. I don’t like to buy something if I don’t see it in the picture.

As Hyland said in his article and I agree, “advertising is not just about distributing messages, it’s about building customer relationships…” These e-commercials will be developed for customer’s needs. The e-commercials will have a relationship with the customer. I think those commercials will ask the customer what he/she likes and what is interesting for him/her. The author (Hyland) doesn’t know specifically how those commercials will look, but he knows the future commercials will be about a relationship with the customer. That seems interesting to me. The Internet is a medium that has such opportunity speak with you. Those future commercials will deliver to special customers what they need. I think the e-commercials will be based on the statistic about what customers need or like. Maybe they will get this information through polls on the Internet. We will have this in the next millennium.

Marketing has now changed. Before we needed four utilities to have a successful business, but now we need only three utilities. The utilities are to satisfy customers needs. Before marketing had utilities like form (the product has available size), time (product is on time when customer wants to buy it), possession utility (the product is available by price and credit card for customers) and place (product is available in the store when customer want to buy it). On the web sites marketing doesn’t need place utility. We can sell over the Internet and the product will always be available (time utility). Time utility brings more customers to the business. We don’t have to walk from one store to another to buy it. For example I want to buy sandals in Nine West, but they don’t have any more of the one which l liked. They give me a list of the stores where they have it. I really like those sandals, so I went to a Nine West, but I didn’t find them. Finally I give up. If Nine West has a web sit, I would buy the shoes. I don’t know if Nine West has an Internet web page. However if I see an e-commercial for those stores, I will use it. This makes e-commercials more important in our lives. For me it was shoes; for somebody this can be something else important for this person. Also stores over the Internet don’t need to pay store rent. They don’t need to pay sales people. They only need to have a stockroom and employ some designers for Web sites. The attractive web page gets customers attention, and then customers will look on the Web page with the possibility that person can buy a product.

Selling over the Internet is easy if they have to have the customers trust. But sometimes is difficult. That is difficult to make the customers trust the ads of products sold over the Internet. We have to have stronger private police when we want to buy something by our e-mail; we have to have confidence that nobody will steal our credit card number. We have a lot of passwords and Id over the Internet. We want to have confidence that nobody can use those passwords and IDs and cause us some debts on our account.

More people have to trust by give the credit card number, when they order something from web; then the net, will be more popular than today. I think in our future the net will be like today’s telephone. We can not live without the phone today! The e-commercials that I usually read are the ones on the PC. For example, when I opened my Internet and I saw commercials I hated them! Anyway sometimes I read them. I sow sometimes something what I was interested in. I checked the price. I didn’t buy anything over the Internet, but I thought about it. Also I like to click on some ad, which got my attention. That I found interesting. However I didn’t like e-commercials in my e-mail. I think that is a waste of money for the company. I never opened these commercials and I always deleted them. I know many of my friends don’t open them either. Those commercials can have computer viruses.

I don’t agree that our Internet isn’t ready for e-commercials. I see over the Internet that there are many commercials and each commercial is more interesting. I think that in our future we will have more interesting e-commercials because our technology will be more developed.

Business people now see TV as basic source for their commercials. I expect that e-commercials will replace TV commercials. However we cannot go from watching TV to the Internet WebTV right away. We need to have time for that, because the net isn’t developed for it yet. We have had TV since 1950. The TV was very expensive in the fifty’s and not everyone had TV. Fifty years from that every one has TV. Today TV is a basic need for us; we con not live without TV. However TV is cheaper right now and every one can buy it. We need the web TV to be cheaper in the future. Then web TV will be possible for every body to buy. As TV is today, the web TV will be something basic that every one has. Then e-commercials will be part of everybody’s life.


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Nataliya Kolesnyk
ESL 91
Spring, 2000

Essay Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?

Advertising is one of the most important things in the marketing strategy. There are many ways and methods to advertise in the media. Every medium of marketing has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Radio is the most intimate of the media. It allows you as an advertiser to spend a lot of time one-on-one with the audience. Most of the time people are alone in their cars when they listen to the radio. The newspaper is a place where people look for news. Many companies use that strength to show the news about them. Magazine readers are more involved. They take a good long time to read more carefully. Magazines include many colorful pictures that make people pay more attention to articles they include. It is the place to insert a learning material about a company. Television is the most comprehensive of the media. It allows companies to demonstrate their products visually. (Guerilla Marketing 53)

All of these methods can be too expensive for small companies. Another thing is a limitation of the potential consumers. It is well known that people can see your commercial only in those places where those TV channels on which you advertise are available.  In other places people don’t know about you.

To cover this blank in the advertising campaign, companies more often use the Internet. The Internet is not as expensive as TV and it gives you an opportunity to let consumers know about you all over the world. It also gives an opportunity to advertise 24/7. People can see your advertising any time they log on to the Internet. As a medium the Internet includes all the strengths that other media have: it gives an intimacy, it is the place where people go looking for news, colorful pictures get our attention to the screen, and video clips and animation make a good visual demonstration. Plus the main strength of the Internet is in interaction. People can shop right in front of their computers or ask for help and get response immediately.

Statistic of Different Types of the Advertising.

Before they start to run any kind of business, companies should think about where they want to locate their business and where to insert their ads more successfully. To do it in the professional way they should do a lot of research and compare different statistics. For instance, they can compare web ads and TV ads. Here is one statistic: The first place where people look for information on the net is search engines. It is very simple. All they need is just type a key word and get results. The popularity of search engines is 70% of the time according to the other sources of taking information. A link from the home page takes around 30% of the time of effectiveness. Web ad effectiveness is 27% of the time. It is 2% of the time higher than magazine or newspaper ads. TV ad at the same time is about 16-17% of the time. 

Jupiter's chart ( shows how users find websites:

Here more facts about doing business on the Internet:

Pricing on merchandise.

The Internet gives the small companies an opportunity to advertise their products more effectively and it costs them less then other media. You can even find free advertising on the Web.  Another thing is a virtual store. The same merchandise can cost a lot less in a virtual store then in a real location. For instance, if I had a store in a nice location in New York, I would probably have a good profitable business but I would need to pay many bills such as rent, utilities, phone and insurance. All those expenses would affect the prices on my products. That means that not so many people would be able to afford to buy in my store. But on the Internet because I can cut a big part of those expenses, my prices would be much less then in a real location.

A virtual store also is available for more consumers then a real location can give. If my store were located in New York, my potential consumers would be people who live in the city or around this area. But if I decided to sell my products in the whole United States I would need to find locations in every city of the US. Of course it would not be possible for me to afford and to handle all those things. The Internet gives me an opportunity to be available, not only to every city in the US, but also to the whole world.

One of the most important considerations in Internet selling is privacy. There are many people who don’t want to let the others know that they buy and use some products. For instance, a young woman lives in a small city. People in that city are protesting against abortions and contraceptives. The young woman doesn’t plan to have children yet, and has to use birth control pills. In this case she would have two choices. One of them is to take a trip far away where nobody knows her. Another one is to order the pills by using the Internet.

My response:

By working on this project I learned a lot about doing business on the Internet. The advertising part was very interesting for me. I defined strength and weaknesses of many different types of advertising. By searching on the web I‘ve learned many things and they have become a part of my own knowledge. This knowledge will be useful for me in my future life because I am planning to run a business on the Internet and sell little figurines, which people can use as wonderful gifts. My main point is to make it successful.

The main point of doing any business is having important information. If a businessperson has the information that s/he can use to succeed, s/he will never lose. Sometimes this information can be very expensive. The only way to get the information fast and cheaply is by using Internet resources.

The Internet is the youngest type of media and compared with the other types of media, it is the fastest growing ( People who use the Internet every day have different ages and levels of education. It means any kind of business can survive on the web and sooner or later companies will place their stores more on the Internet than in the real locations. If you are not doing business on the Internet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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