Topics for the Focus Discipline Research Projects
ESL 91
Fall, 2000

NOTE: These topics are copyrighted by Dr. Loretta Kasper
Permission to use these topics must be obtained IN WRITING from Dr. Kasper



Topic: Research one or more of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Explain how the neurotransmitter(s) work and what the function is in the body. Be sure to concentrate on how the neurotransmitter affects behavior. What happens when something goes wrong in the system? What treatments are there?

Some suggestions are:


Computer Science

Topic: Research recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence particularly concerning the COG project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). What is the purpose of the COG project? How does the COG project fit into the field of human-computer interaction?



Topic: Discuss how sales and marketing strategies have changed as a result of developing technology. What changes have occurred in advertising with the development of computer technology? How has developing technology expanded the marketplace for both businesses and consumers?


Environmental Science

Topic: Research the science of Plate Tectonics. Explain the role of plate tectonics in earthquakes. Define the two different types of faults and explain why some earthquakes are more destructive than others. Choose 2 earthquakes, one caused by a slip-slide fault and the other caused by a thrust fault. Compare and contrast the consequences of each.