Loretta F. Kasper, Ph.D.

Kingsborough Community College/CUNY

McGraw-Hill, 1998

ISBN: 0-07-289207-2

This book offers high-intermediate to advanced ESL students extensive practice in reading and writing academic texts. As students read selections in 10 mainstream college subject areas, they become familiar with academic vocabulary, discourse patterns, and concepts. Vocabulary and comprehension questions are provided for each reading, and the writing prompts that follow each reading encourage students to articulate and expand knowledge. Finally, each unit contains links to literary and visual media as well as to Internet resources.

Table of Contents


Unit One: Linguistics

Unit Two: Environmental Science

Unit Three: Computer Science

Unit Four: Mathematics

Unit Five:  Business and Marketing

Unit Six: Psychology

Unit Seven: Sociology

Unit Eight: Physical Anthropology

Unit Nine: Biology

Unit Ten: Diet and Nutrition


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