Focus Discipline Writing Assignments
ESL 91
Spring, 2002

Essay One

Today you will begin searching for Internet resources to use for your first writing assignment.

Essay Two

Today you will search the Internet for resources for your second focus discipline essay. You should begin with the resources for your focus discipline that are already linked to the Learning Resources page of our course web site.

You should then search for additional, new resources. Be sure to email me the URLs of any sites that you find.

  • BUSINESS: Discuss the psychological factors involved in advertising. How do advertisers use the basic determinants of consumer behavior--needs, motives, perceptions, and attitudes--in designing product advertisements? What types of ads are most likely to appeal to or change our needs, motives, perceptions, and attitudes?

  • BIOLOGY: Research the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Explain how this neurotransmitter works and what its function is in the body and the brain. Be sure to concentrate on how dopamine affects behavior. What happens when something goes wrong in the system; for example, when there is too much or too little dopamine? What treatments are there?

  • DIET AND NUTRITION: Explain the meaning of homeostasis. Why is maintaining the body in a state of homeostasis important to our general health and well-being? Some of the problems resulting from a body out of homeostasis were mentioned in the textbook reading. What other negative consequences can you think of?

  • COMPUTER SCIENCE: Describe the field of natural language processing. Refer to the history of the field and to the developments and problems in computer speech recognition. You should use the information in the "Artificial Intelligence" reading in your textbook, the three texts I gave you, and any additional sources you find on the Internet.

  • SOCIOLOGY: Think of a time when you changed your behavior to conform to the group. Describe the situation in detail. How old were you? What type of group was it? How did you feel at the time? Looking back, how do you feel about your actions? Would you behave in the same way today? Why/Why Not?

    Research Project: Topics and Assignment

    Today you will begin to do Internet research for your long focus discipline research project. This project should be 5-7 TYPED pages in length. Please note that the project MUST BE typed; handwritten projects will NOT be accepted.

    You will do TWO drafts of EACH SECTION of your project. This means that you will draft the Introduction TWO times; THEN you will draft the Body paragraphs TWO times; and finally you will draft the Conclusion TWO times.

    It will take you several weeks to complete this assignment.


    1. A first draft of the INTRODUCTION AND A clear and coherent OUTLINE of the BODY and CONCLUSION is due on
      Thursday, April 25.

    2. The revised INTRODUCTION AND The first draft of the BODY are due on Thursday, May 2--REMEMBER THAT THE LAST SECTION OF THE BODY IS "MY RESPONSE"--In this section you must explain, IN DEPTH what you learned from doing this research project. You should talk about what you learned about both your focus discipline and the process of doing research. You may also include what you learned about reading and writing. This section is important, so BE SPECIFIC.

    3. The revised INTRODUCTION, the revised BODY AND The first draft of the CONCLUSION are due on Thursday, May 9

    4. The FINAL DRAFT OF THE COMPLETE PROJECT is due Thursday, May 16.

    You should begin your work by doing the following:

    The topics for the Focus Discipline Research Project are as follows:

    Remember to use the resources on our web site. You may use the writings of previous ESL students as resources, but remember that if you do, you MAY NOT copy their work AND you MUST CITE them appropriately in the body and in the Works Cited list.

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